Certified translations

Certified translations are also referred to as official translations, sworn translations, or officially certified translations.

These are translations prepared by a “court translator” (“soudní překladatel”) serving the needs of courts, public authorities, public institutions, companies with business relationships to manage or ordinary people who need to prove facts contained in foreign-language documents. Court translators (interpreters) are appointed by the competent court pursuant to Act No 36/1967 on implementation of the Experts and Interpreters Act, and they are bound to secrecy.

The folder of a certified translation always consists of the original document in the relevant language (or a notarised copy), the actual translation and the court translator’s endorsement with an official circular stamp confirming that the certified translation matches the original (or notarised copy) word for word. This entire folder of the certified translation is bound according to notarial procedure (with a seal and cord).

The document that was physically supplied for the certified translation becomes an integral part of the certified translation’s folder and is also bound to the folder according to notarial procedure (with a seal). The folder comprising the certified translation is then submitted in its entirety to the authority concerned. If removed or separated from the folder, the translated document is rendered null and void.

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