Consecutive = “delayed” interpreting

the interpreter listens to shorter segments of speech (sentences) and then translates them into the target language.

Legal/judicial interpreting

the interpreting is provided by a court interpreter at marriage ceremonies, meetings with a notary, etc.

Simultaneous = conference interpreting

interpreting that takes place while the source-language speaker continues speaking without interruption. This type of interpreting usually involves the use of interpreting equipment (for multiple listeners) or takes the form of chuchotage, where the interpreter speaks softly to the customer so as not to disrupt the course of events. If the customer does not have interpreting equipment, we can arrange for it to be hired.

We only work with proven professional interpreters who are able to deliver high-quality interpreting in many fields. When selecting a suitable interpreter, we also strive to respect the customer’s specific wishes.

Interpreting equipment

Sound-proof booths are usually used for simultaneous interpreting. There must always be two interpreters per language. The simultaneous interpretation of the speaker’s speech is rendered to listeners via their earphones. The interpreters alternate at short intervals. Several booths can be set up at once to interpret into numerous languages simultaneously.

We can lend you all the equipment you will need for booth interpreting – a booth set, microphones, laser pointers, and, if necessary, sound engineering. We will need to know the venue, the room dimensions and the number of participants to set a provisional hire price.

We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, both at home and abroad, at meetings with lawyers, notaries and estate agents, business meetings, trade fairs, presentations, annual general meetings, etc.

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