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We have been a market player since 2001. As we grew in experience over the years, we – like others – reached a point where we had to choose between cheap, fast and quality services. We arrived at the following ratio:

10 : 30 : 60 = price : speed : quality

We are not the cheapest, but we remain affordable. We are not the fastest, but you will still be satisfied with our turnaround times. We are, however, quite definitely among the Czech market’s leaders in terms of the quality of the services we provide.

The quality of a translation relies on many factors and processes that all play a direct role. These include the correct assignment of the translation by the client, the gathering of all available reference materials, the selection of a suitable translator and proofreader, and exacting work by the proofreaders. We believe that the mission of a translation agency is the proper coordination of all of these processes to the satisfaction of the customer and the end user of the translated text.

We handpick our translators according to the strictest criteria laid down by recognised international DIN and ISO standards. Translation suppliers are not chosen solely on account of the language combinations in which they work. They must meet a number of other conditions, including specialisation, relevant training and education, and experience in the field. Translators are tested when we first enter into cooperation with them and are then subject to random quality checks to ensure they are delivering an ever-better quality of service.

You can test our quality for yourselves by taking up our offer of a free trial translation. We offer all corporate customers who have not previously used our services a test translation of up to 300 words free of charge.

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