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ATEKO a.s., Hradec Králové

It is a familiar situation – I need it and I need it now. And that is why we use czeXpress international s.r.o., in a partnership going back to 2003 when they were still known as Kačenka CZ. Usually, we need technical translations from or into English, German, French or Russian. We appreciate the excellent relationship we enjoy with the agency’s staff, the instant quotes, the affordable prices and, above all, the ability to deliver on time. czeXpress international s.r.o. is definitely on our list of RELIABLE COMPANIES.

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Energizer Czech, spol. s r. o.

We have been working with czeXpress international s.r.o. since 2012. We are very happy with their pricing policy and high-quality services, as well as the excellent communication skills and enthusiasm of all employees. We generally use czeXpress international s.r.o. for translating our texts into English or other languages, but we are also aware of the broad range of services the company provides. Translations are always delivered on time and to the most exacting quality standards. We can highly recommend czeXpress international s.r.o.

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Mechel Service Stahlhandel Czech Republic s.r.o.

We are an international company that needs to communicate with many foreign partners as a supplier or customer. Our company has gone through several changes of ownership, starting with Austrian proprietors, before moving on to Poles and then Russians, and our communications have evolved to embrace a wide range of global and local languages. Although we have a number of linguistically proficient team members, there are times when we need to tackle more complex texts touching, for example, on legal, economic or technical issues. In these situations, we have the assurance of knowing that the team at czeXpress international s.r.o. will be ready to deliver high-quality services and translations, processing our orders in good time and at a fair price, all delivered with a smile from the staff and the managing director.

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Alfmeier CZ s.r.o.

Over the two and a half years that I have used your services I have needed a number of professional and technical translations, and these have always been delivered on time and to a high quality. When urgent deadlines arise, the speed and quality of your translations are impressive. Your employees show great professionalism and enthusiasm in their approach.

ČSOB Pojišťovna, a. s., a member of ČSOB group logo
ČSOB Pojišťovna, a. s., a member of ČSOB group

I would like to thank you, both personally and on behalf of ČSOB Pojišťovna, a.s., for the nine years of cooperation we have enjoyed so far. We have documents translated from English, German, French and Italian (delivery notes, police reports, technical terms, and even everyday correspondence). Occasionally, we also require translations from Hungarian, Swedish or Romanian. More rarely still, we need Turkish and Greek documents translating. The translations are handled to a high professional quality (translated paragraphs that are consistent with the original text) and within the agreed deadlines (common languages within two days, others within a week). Throughout our entire partnership, we have never encountered a situation where your employees have been slow to deal with our needs. In those cases where we have not been entirely sure about the language to be translated, they have gladly advised us so that the written purchase order could be properly filled in. Many thanks for your cooperation so far. We look forward to working with you again in 2013 and beyond.

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Alcoma a.s.

A manufacturer of high-quality microwave circuits for wireless networking. Radio-relay links for operators and ISPs of all shapes and sizes, both in the public sector and the military.

C.S.CARGO a.s. logo
C.S.CARGO a.s.

A logistics and transport service provider with Czech roots offering a comprehensive portfolio of road, sea, air and rail transport and logistics.

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ČZ a.s.

A Czech company engaged in the manufacture of automotive-industry components, weapons, and machine-tool supplies.

Dopravní podnik města Pardubic a.s. logo
Dopravní podnik města Pardubic a.s.

A public limited company with operations in road transport, passenger transport and motor-vehicle repairs. Its portfolio also includes the manufacture, installation and repair of power lines, and the assembly, repair and inspection of gas appliances.

Perrelet logo

The Swiss Perrelet brand is a legend among automatic watches. In 1777, Abraham-Louis Perrelet invented a self-winding mechanism. This was a game-changer designed to harness the energy generated by the wearer in walking and to use that energy for winding up the mechanism. Perrelet’s principles are still applied today in all automatic watches across many brands.

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Boasting a tradition dating back more than a century and a great deal of invaluable experience, Festina manufactures high-quality Swiss watches that are designed not only to follow fashion trends, but to create them.

Jaguar logo

A British manufacturer of luxury and sports cars, headquartered in Coventry, England. It was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922. As the original name suggests, it specialised in motorcycle sidecars before moving on to car production. The name was changed to Jaguar Cars Limited in 1945.

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Production of recycled paper materials. The sole raw input is selected categories of waste paper. The end product is paper used by cardboard factories to produce corrugated paperboard and paper packaging materials.

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