Technical translations

We translate manuals, handbooks, guides, operating instructions, product sheets, catalogues, safety data sheets, and technical documentation.

We are regularly approached by customers from the engineering, construction, automotive, electronics, chemistry, information technology, medicine and nuclear power industries.

With many years’ experience of translation, we have established processes that ensure the perfect handling of even the most demanding technical translations. The key to success is close cooperation with the end customer and the correct choice of translator. Our experienced team of project managers can cope with all specialist texts, no matter how challenging.

Our many years of experience in the field of translation have taught us the pitfalls of technical texts. With all the will in the world, translators cannot be both outstanding linguists and experts knowledgeable about the finest details of the topic they are translating. This is particularly true in today’s climate, where terminology can differ from one company to the next, even if when operating in one and the same industry. In order for a translation to match the customer’s needs as closely as possible, we always recommend setting up a company-specific glossary. This is basically a dictionary in which translators have access to the original term in the source, accompanied by an explanation of the concept and, where appropriate, an image or web link containing any relevant details. Where possible, on the basis of the reference materials received, we also add the established term, as used by the customer, in the target language.

For examples of customer glossaries, please click here or here.

Faced with extremely specialised texts, we always advise customers to order follow-up professional proofreading so that the translation can be checked by a native speaker of the target language who is also a specialist in the relevant field.

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