Translations into english

Every year, we process thousands of pages of translations for our customers, very often from English into Czech, so we boast a wealth of experience in this language combination and its peculiarities. What is more, we are well versed in the subtle nuances between British and American English.

When translating into English, we employ a system that has been set up in line with the industry standard CSN EN 15038:2006, which places stringent demands on translation agencies.

Translations into English - tools

A big help when translating into English is the computer-aided - or computer-assisted - translation (CAT) tool. This is professional software that comes into its own when you need to translate long texts into English, localise software or translate websites and operating manuals. CAT tools work with a "translation memory", where segments of text already translated (passages from the translation in progress) are stored along with their translated equivalent. This results in a sort of dictionary. As soon as an identical or similar segment of text reappears later on in the text, the software automatically offers the translator the previous translation. Use of these tools is offered primarily in those situations where a lot of the text is repeated or if certain passages in the text are similar to each other.

Other very frequent helpmates for those translating from Czech into English are terminology glossaries and databases, which contain specific technical or specialist terms in both the source and target language. Glossaries also often include explanatory notes and/or links to websites where further information is available. We always work with the customer or with recommended experts in the field in the creation of these glossaries.

Past translations into English

To give you some idea of the scale of our experience and the various fields we cover when translating into English, we have drawn up an overview for you of several recent translations from Czech into English that have been commissioned from us.

Author Documentation translated Length (number of words)
Ingenico CZ s.r.o. Framework software supply and servicing agreement 13 000
Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic Translation of a public contract awarded for Airbus A319 service support 11 000
Railway Infrastructure Administration Translation of a public contract awarded for the production of a study into high-speed rail track issues in the Czech Republic 16 000
Excalibur army Translation of technical conditions for the general overhaul of T-72 tanks 14 000
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Practical class in telemetry - ECG measurements, electrocardiogram, arrhythmia 17 000
sanofi-aventis, s.r.o. Request for an opinion on a clinical trial of a medicinal product 15 000
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