Translations of marketing texts

Whether you provide services, or manufacture, distribute or import products, you undoubtedly devote considerable attention to your marketing texts. You may even invest a lot of money in copywriting. We can all agree that, for a promotional text to hit the spot, it must be clear, simple, readable and engaging.

In the production of marketing texts, agencies deploy a whole arsenal of double entendres, idioms, puns and hidden jokes that cannot always be translated literally into another language. In most cases, simply converting words from one language to another will spoil a joke or lead to an unacceptable loss of meaning, producing an effect that may even be counterproductive. The translator needs to craft words that will be readable and catchy without changing the meaning or purpose of the original text.

Translations of slogans and straplines are a while topic in themselves. Exactly how would you translate slogans such as “intel inside” or “Today. Tomorrow. Toyota” into Czech? For that matter, you might struggle to guess the English original of the slogan “Aby váš motor skvěle Shell”, since the Czech pun is simply not replicated in the familiar “Go well, go Shell”. [Explanation: the word “Shell” happens to sound the same as the verb for “run” in Czech, but this coincidence is lost in translation.]

To illustrate our point, consider that a literal translation back into English of the Czech slogan would read: ”Making your engine run well”. What would a British customer think of that?

If you want a translation that will deliver your message and support your marketing plan, then you’ve come to the right place.

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