Our language agency specialises in translation services to and from all international languages.

Besides general subjects, we mainly translate technical, commercial, politico-economic, and even legal topics. We can arrange for notarisation of translations on request.

Except on those rare occasions when you need an unusually large amount of text translated very quickly, your project will be placed in the hands of a single translator, guaranteeing a uniform style of translation.

The documents we hand back to you will always keep to the basic graphic design template at no extra charge (this applies to basic formatting, such as font size and type, automatically generated content and footnotes).

We accept assignments in doc, rtf, pdf, txt and ppt formats, and, of course, documents printed on paper. If you have a document in any other text file, we will decide on the best approach to the translation. Where the documentation underlying a translation is more challenging, we work with our partner DTP studio (QuarkXpress, InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker, MS Word, Tex/Latex, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash).

Besides translating classic documents, we can also create foreign language versions of websites for you. In these cases, we accept files in html or xml format.

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