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We are very strict about selecting suitable translators to process your orders. All translators who wish to work for us undergo a very extensive testing process. We work only with the very best.

Our database contains the details of several hundred high-quality translators and interpreters who are best qualified to meet the requirements of any given task.

Translators = experts

They are experts in many fields of human activity, be it marketing, law, finance or medicine. These suppliers have received the appropriate language training or education in their field of expertise. Most of them have also spent a long time studying outside the Czech Republic. Translations into foreign languages are generally carried out by native speakers. The only exception is jobs relying on a sound grasp of the source text (e.g. complex technical descriptions or manuals). Such translations are then checked thoroughly by a native speaker. Consequently, you can be sure that your text is in the right hands.

Our suppliers include professional translators, writers, teachers, engineers, economists and other university-educated experts.

Translator database – high-quality cooperation

If you decide to place your translation with us, we will select a translator for you who has experience in your field and who will be assigned to you permanently. The translator will then develop a particular insight into how your company works and the specific terminology it uses. In addition, we also consult over the highly-specialised aspects of a translation with your employees or associates who best understand the specific issues at play.

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