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Translations of websites, much like software localisation, have their own characteristics specific to their given purpose. The aim of websites is to showcase the owners and to attract new customers. They should present clear and precise information to visitors.

From a technological perspective, there are several ways of arranging a website translation.

The first option is that you deliver a complete set of all source files to our agency. It is then no problem for us to work from the HTML. Using modern translation tools, we analyse the scope of the text and gauge how many repetitions there are. Based on this information, we set a firm price and delivery date. We return the translated website to you in the same format as the original one.

A second option is to copy the texts to be translated into any text format – DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, PPT, etc. As this will be an electronic and editable text format, here too we analyse the scope of the text and any repetitions, and determine a firm price and delivery date. The translation is then delivered in the same format and the same layout as the original documentation you supplied.

The last option is for you to assign us access rights to the editing tool for your website presentation. We agree with you on the parts to be translated, and you simply publish the text once it has been translated. Here, again, discounts are applicable for any repeated passages.

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