We have been passionate about delivering a perfect translation service for more than 20 years now.

In a world driven by advanced technology, we remain abreast of the best. When it comes to trends in the Czech translation market, we don’t adapt to them – we create them. We have long been at the forefront of the translation industry thanks to our combination of precisely thought-out work procedures, personalised customer care, and high demands on quality.

We are also keenly aware that we could not have achieved any of the above without the great team of people we have placed at your disposal. Our greatest and most highly prized asset is human potential.

Why us?

  • We’ll give you a final price and suggest the earliest possible delivery date within an hour.
  • By placing repeat orders, you save money. We use advanced computer tools, analyse your texts and charge half the rate for any duplicate content.
  • We will create your very own glossary, ensuring correct and consistent use of technical terms specific to your industry.
  • We work with state-of-the-art translation tools such as Trados Studio 2021, MemoQ 9.6. and Across V7.0, allowing us to reduce the translation processing time by up to 60%.
  • Our ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 9001:2016 certification is your guarantee of the quality and professionalism of the work we do. We operate in compliance with ISO 17100.
czeXpress international s.r.o.