Our worldwide team of experienced linguists is ready to help you with your translation needs in more than 50 languages.

Technical translations

The price per word of English-Czech translations is €0.05

Manuals, project documentation, user guides, technical reports.
We respect your in-house terminology, adhere to industry-specific vocabulary, localise according to the rules of the target language and practices in different countries, and create dictionaries, glossaries and translation memories to speed up the work and ensure the consistency of your texts.

Marketing translations

Translation of an advertising pamphlet in a custom format starting at €15 per page

Company newsletters, marketing campaigns, advertising pamphlets and catalogues.
We attach great importance to getting the style right, and we adapt texts to your target audience or market. We can handle marketing slogans and advertising jargon. Your words – their language – now we’re talking!

Website translations

Translation of a modern website’s standard homepage for €25

We localise the texts we translate. We incorporate your chosen keywords, and we enhance your SEO. We adapt the style of the translation to the website’s target visitors. We can work in a content management system as well as directly in the source code.

Certified translations

Translation of one physical page of a contract starting at an average of €12

Contracts, powers of attorney, court decisions, notarial deeds, diplomas, birth certificates.
The translations we prepare strictly comply with all legal requirements, including binding and the affixing of a round stamp.


Standard rate for proofreading from €15 per hour

We provide stylistic, spelling, grammatical, content, typographical and pre-press proofreading.
We check texts for correct terminology, typos, overall clarity and factual accuracy.


Depending on the specific language, our interpreting rates start at €120 per half day

We can handle simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.
We arrange all the interpreting equipment. We can provide interpreting throughout the Czech Republic and abroad.


Prices depend on what you specifically need

We provide graphic design for translations that is tailored to your exact specifications.
We arrange complete pre-press editing, and we work with professional printers.

Want to save money on your translation? We’ve put together some tips that we’ll be happy to email to you.

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