Překlady, tlumočení, DTP

As for many of you, it was a challenging year. Challenging, but all the more interesting for it. In the past year, we handled 11,765 assignments. As usual, more of our clients were international (74%) than Czech (26%). Most of them are regular customers who keep coming back to us, which only goes to show how good our services are.

Almost 20 million words passed through our hands or, perhaps more accurately, in front of our eyes. The most common language combination was English together with Czech, Slovenian and Romanian. But we are hardly strangers to translations from German, Italian or Dutch, either.  We also indulged in atypical language treats such as Icelandic, Kyrgyz and Persian.

Medicine emerged as a particular specialisation, involving translations of all manner of user manuals for medical devices and instruments, along with medical reports and surveys.

Some colleagues got really into game translations. We worked on smaller games for mobile phones, as well as on larger game projects, including several AAA titles from different genres (RPG, strategy, FPS and adventure games).

Aside from these areas, we worked on marketing texts, legal documents and educational programmes.

The translation industry, like other sectors, is experiencing changes that we have to adapt to, whether we like it or not. We are increasingly receiving requests to edit texts that have been machine translated. While it makes sense that translation applications are constantly improving with the advent of artificial intelligence, a human translator still brings that extra something to the text that a machine cannot yet do. A sensitivity to the language used, an understanding of the “voice” of the text, and the ability to adapt it to the target client/reader. That’s why we always carefully pick the right linguist from our worldwide team to give your translation that little bit more.

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